Taking Photographs Of Your Jewellery

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Techniques of Taking Photos of Your Jewellery

If you want to have good quality pictures of the jewellery you sell, there are some simple techniques you need to abide by. It is important to setup the jewellery correctly if you want achieve results that you can be proud of. If you use a light tent,it will soften the shadows of the pieces and eliminate glare but will give you a clean background.

Sharpness, Lighting and Exposure

The key to having great photographs of the jewellery that you sell is sharpness, lighting and exposure. If you have gemstones you are photographing, you want to make sure that they are going to sparkle in the photos. All of the photos need to be sharp and have a crisp focus. If you want to get those close-up shots of your jewellery, you are most likely going to have to get a camera with good manual focus feature on it.

Using a Tripod

In order to get a sharp image of the photos you take of all of your jewellery, you are most likely going to need to get a tripod. It is very important to use a tripod when shooting pictures of all of your jewellery. It is going to cost you more in price but a sturdy tripod is going to be much better than a flimsy one. No matter what, use some type of tripod when taking the photos. Remember, the photos you iswhat is going to help you sell your different jewellery pieces even more.


Good lighting is also important when taking your jewellery photographs. In most cases, soft lighting is going to work best. The flash on your camera is not going to lead to good jewellery photos. The flash on your camera will also create harsh and distracting shadows. Rather than a flash, it is best to use continuous lighting for the photos because it makes it easier to visualize what the final image will be like.A small light tent is going to make it easy to reduce glare and control shadows for the photos of the jewellery.


Proper exposure is the key to getting good photos of your jewellery pieces.


Light tents are used because they provide a fast and easy way to use soft lighting on your jewellery pieces. The light tents will also instantly provide a clutter free background along with giving you a convenient backdrop support. When taking photos of all of your different pieces of jewellery , always take into account how to get the images that are going to be sharp, crisp, clean and have good lighting. When you are taking your photos of the different jewellery pieces you have to show off, by simply getting a tripod, the photos of your jewellery is going to look so much better.

Home Photography Business

If photography is your hobby you living in Abu Dhabi and you think you can get some good pictures so with small tips and practice you can run your own photography enterprise, consider opening a photography business in your home. It is simple to do, and you can bring in a steady income while only working part-time. Choose your specialty. Decide what type of photos you most enjoy taking. Abu Dhabi Wedding photography

Abu Dhabi event photography, Abu Dhabi sport photography, Dubai kids photography or you love to be a Dubai fashion photographer or Dubai stock photographer Write a photographer business plan as well as registering your business with local officials and setting up a bank account exclusively for the business. Talk to an accountant about the advantages of incorporating. Buy the necessary equipment. You will need camera, tripods, lights, lenses, backgrounds and any other equipment.

Find a reliable supplier that you can continually use as your business grows. My suggestion in start just by a semi professional camera kit its much enough try to go for Canon as here in Dubai photographer using Set up pricing information. Check out other area photographers to get an idea on how much you should charge for your photos or check Dubai photographer website some Keep their packages and prices on their websites note: put your prices low until you gain a larger client base. Business card is much important then any other attempt always carry your card and don’t lose the chance to distributed Market your Abu Dhabi photography business. Make up flyers and put ads in the newspaper. Make your website or blog on Google / Yahoo / word press or facebook and twitter and always update try to get same name of your business sure social network much work and people start to recognize you as a Abu Dhabi photographer .

Find The Best Wedding Photographers

As wedding is the special moment of everyone’s life. We make it more special by capturing those moments and make them unforgettable. For this, we have to choose the best wedding photographers who provide us the best service and make those moments memorable. Here are certain tips through which you can find the better photographer for your wedding.

Do research: The best way to select the photographer by searching and reading the reviews of brides who has recently selected them for their shoot. Check out the photographer’s websites, and blogs carefully, through which you’ll get the idea of their style. By the site, you’ll get the hints about the photographer’s sensibility and personality. If possible, you also check their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter pages.

Check out Portfolio: See the few full wedding albums because on the site they only show the best photographs of their potential clients. You can get a better idea of their work by seeing two or three wedding albums.

Set up meeting: If you list out some of the photographers through their websites, then you must meet them to discuss their portfolio and fees and also to see their availability on the date of the wedding. Try to set up such meeting with two or three different photographers.

Confirm your capturer: Since many famous and reputed photo studios have more than one photographer on their staff, and if your chosen one is not available on the date, they’ll provide another. So, to cope up with this problem, you need to check that the one interview and click with will be the same one who works your wedding and confirm his availability before the date.

Compare packages: For selecting the best one you need to compare the packages or fees of two–three photographers. So that you can get an idea that which one is providing you the best service in your budget.

Get the details of post-production: Fix the time that when your photographer will provide you the photographs because it usually takes the time to get the photos. The photographers always make excuses that they spend a lot of time to edit the photos it takes time, but no longer than five to six weeks, it depends on how the photographers are busy. So, you can directly ask them the time consuming by them to make the pictures live.

By following the above points you can easily select the best photographer for your wedding.

Point and Shoot Video Cameras

Only if you could have that potential DSLR in hand for making rich-quality videos. Just so you know, point and shoot video cameras are no less. Don’t believe me? Apologies for shattering all your myths in the following review.

Perhaps, a shoot is more articulate than a click. Sometimes, pictures don’t reveal what videos do. A caterpillar moving on a leaf dribbled with water, a sunset moment captured seconds before twilight, waves making that soulful sound every time they reach your ears, or just a horde murmuring and muttering. That’s when you smirk in conceit, for you’re one of those proud owners of an all-inclusive point and shoot camera for video shooting, that is rich in features, perfect in performance, and a show-stopper in looks! Reviews and critiques is what we have for you here, comprehensively.

Best Point and Shoot Video Cameras: A Review

The best point and shoot cameras offer you up to 1080p of resolution, and hence, have earned the topmost rank in reviews all over the world. What follows below are my picks to kick your shooting experience up a notch. Here it goes.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5
Dig into its manual controls and you won’t stop smiling. You know, the first advice as a treat to your hunting spree would be – always look for a camera that has rich manual controls, so that you can control your camera your way. The 10-megapixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 has superb power for a fixed lens camera and is, therefore, ranked numero uno in this review. On a personal note, I’ve used its Macro Mode which lets you get very close to the object you’re shooting. Believe me, I couldn’t get my hands off the device thereafter. With its ultra-wide-angle lens with F2.0 aperture, the Panasonic Lumix offers supreme quality video capture and easy to operate manual video controls. Good layout, stylish buttons, and a sturdy built… you have many reasons to have this superb camera in your hands. The price for this video camera as of January 3, 2011 is somewhere around $400.

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS
Perhaps, the biggest challenge is to put this phenomenal video camera down once you’ve got your hands on it. Canon is world’s leading brand when it comes to digital cameras, and the PowerShot SX210 IS is an awesome treat to all budding photographers looking forward to become professionals one day. It’s a fun camera with 14x optical zoom range, and boasts over 14.1 megapixel of resolution (that’s quite a lot!). What’s more, its smart auto Face Detection ability, being capable of identifying up to 35 faces in a single frame, makes it extremely easy for you to shoot videos for long. Motion Detection technology surpasses Image Blur with elegance, and High-Definition movies and Sound render you a killer experience. Believe me, for girls who’re in love with Pink, and are colorblind to the rest, Canon PowerShot in Pink looks heart-meltingly beautiful! Grab this video camera for as little as $300.

Sony CyberShot DSC-HX5V
Would you believe if I were to tell you that you could have a GPS-enabled camera for as little as $350? Yes. Sony is known for its world-class camera treatises, and CyberShot series is way ahead in the league of point and shoot video cameras. What’s more, its video shooting abilities impressed many technology critics for it owns a digital compass, wireless image and video sharing by means of TransferJet, a 1080i HD video capture, and a 10x optical zoom. You see, you hardly get all these qualities in a video camera so inexpensive. Color accuracy and low-light performance are some of the pros of this offering from the Sony CyberShot series, and you certainly cannot say no to buying this low light point and shoot camera. Try it once, it’ll blow your mind!

Above were the top 3 rankers of our review. Are you still perplexed? Can’t decide yet? Here’s compiling some more that offer you rich-quality features, and look stunning at the same time. You could go for any of these too:

Canon PowerShot G12
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX75
Canon PowerShot S95
Nikon Coolpix P7000
Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS
Kodak EasyShare M580

You better not call any of these one of those gimmick digital cameras for their performance quotients have left the world speechless and awestruck. Great imaging and video shooting, terrific manual controls, and an experience of a lifetime every time you use them. You don’t get such rich scale performance in every other camera, or do you? These devices are perfect cameras to grow with and shoot those unseen instances of life